The mission 🏠

At Dahu Robotics, we strongly believe in home care for the elderly and dependent people. People should be able to stay at their home as long as possible, instead of leaving to a retirement home or a more adapted house. Indeed, moving from one’s house is always difficult: it means leaving a place where one once settled and arranged at will, a place where neighbours became friends over time, and a place where there are family memories, remaining as a nest for the children now adults.

Leaving one’s home should happen as late as possible in everyone’s life. For that, we develop a high-tech solution to help those for who moving inside the house has become a daily difficulty.

Therefore, our mission is to help elders stay in their historic home, where they settled, as long as possible, thanks to technology.

The values

Usefulness – We are committed to offering products useful for the community. Our product is currently aimed at old, handicapped and injured people. It allows elders to stay at home longer.

Environmentally-friendly – We are committed to offering products respectful of the environment, throughout their whole lifecycle. All decisions take into account carbon footprint and other pollution. Our environmental commitment includes the impact of all company activities, not just product manufacturing but also design, sales, and support activities, at company and individual level. As a very small example, we strongly encourage public transportation for commuting from home to work.

Respect – We are committed to building a team with a deep sense of trust at all hierarchical levels. We want our corporate culture to be healthy, stable, and interesting, for each and everyone of us. We are very careful about collaborators’ day-to-day well-being, physiologically and psychologically.

Freedom – Team members have full control over their agenda, as well as their physical presence or teleworking, depending on personal matters. Concretely: start your day and end it when you want and where you want, avoid peak hours in public transport if you prefer, work from home for some hours of the day or some days of the week if you like it.

Learn – Bring your knowledge and skills, do your best, learn the rest. Together, we will try to train you as much as possible on what you need. We believe more in will than diplomas. So if, in order to do something, you lack some specific competence in a specific area (either technical skills or soft skills) and if you want to do that thing, we will explore solutions to make you move ahead.