Dahu Robotics develops the first stairlift requiring no installation. It is completely free from your staircase and the building structure.

Just order it, receive it, put it in front of the stairs, and use it immediately.

Our device requires:

  • no technician visiting your house
  • no hole, no screw, nothing attached on the staircase or walls
  • no tailor-made commercial quote

It is completely independent from the shape of your staircase. It is adapted to:

  • temporary mobility difficulty, or of unknown duration (injury, tiredness)
  • long-term mobility difficulty (ageing, physical handicap, mental handicap)

It is extraordinarily discreet. It fits various situations:

  • use at home
  • use in public facilities
  • hosting of impaired people (family convalescing)

You can choose either to buy or rent the device. Prices will be fully public and transparent online.

If you chose to buy it and you don’t need it anymore (for instance when grandparents leave the house for a more adapted structure), you are free to resell it. There is no uninstalling heavy work (as there is no installing work, at all).