The Dahu autonomous installation-free stairlift can be used for:

Personal use at home

  • in a private house with an indoor staircase between two levels (for instance, from ground floor to first floor)
  • in a private house with an outdoor staircase (for instance, a few steps from street level to door level)
  • in a flat with an indoor public staircase between two levels

Public use in a public building

  • in company premises (office, warehouse, etc.), or public administration, or shop, or hotel, with indoor or outdoor staircase
  • in a residence specifically designed to welcome old or handicapped people

It benefits to:

  • the users, who enjoy better accessibility
  • their caregivers, as it helps lower their mental load

It helps building a friendly environment for active, inclusive and healthy retiring.


Age-related mobility issue

Here are some summaries of common situations we can solve. The following testimonies are first-person accounts from fictional characters, summing up stories we heard time and time again during user interviews.

I’m Françoise, I’m 70. Because of arthritis, I’m facing gradual difficulty to climb stairs. But I am still capable of getting up, washing, cooking on a daily basis. I am an autonomous person, I just feel that going up and down in the stairs is becoming more delicate. My doctor advised me to avoid stairs, when I can.

I live in a typical 1930-style beautiful brick house with two floors, in Lille, in which I spent my life and raised my children. I know almost all the neighbourhood: families, shopkeepers, restaurants…

So I’m weighing options.

– Should I move out and look for elderly-adapted accommodation? But imagining leaving the neighbourhood is saddening…
– Should I move the bedroom and bathroom to the first floor? But that is heavy work. And maybe it would be a pity to stop using half of my house.
– Should I install a stairlift? But I think I can’t afford it. Moreover, I am not sure I would like such an installation in my home.

What should I do?

For now, as I don’t know, I prefer not to do anything, wait and be cautious in the stairs.”

Do you think of other situations?

🤔 You (or a relative) face(s) difficulties to climb stairs, for any other reason, and you are looking for solutions? Please get in touch to tell us your story.

Indeed, we are always eager to hear about situations where our product could be a good fit. Practical examples greatly guide the technical choices we make on a daily basis, so we are very interested in hearing about other personal situations.

Feel free to give as much details as possible concerning the context, the problem and its evolution, the solutions (technical and human) you found, and how they fit (or not) your needs.

Your testimony won’t be published. Your information will never be used to sell you something. It’s only for development purpose.

Example: price, jamming, aesthetics